A classroom without consistent practices can often be chaotic. Creating an environment that welcomes uniform responses to behaviour choices will support each child’s understanding of expectations. Unchanging rules ensure that children understand classroom norms and know what to expect when those norms are not met.

Do not start a session until all the children are seated and silent. Explain to the children that you only have a 1 hour session, if they do not finish the project in this time they will not be able to take it home. You will therefore have to finish it next week and you will be unable to start next week’s project. Explain the longer it takes for them to be silent, the longer it will take to start the session.

On the first session give them an indicator to be quiet, e.g “when I clap my hands 3 times you all need to quiet” or ask the children what method their teachers use. Practice this a few times during the session. Congratulate those that are quite first. If children are still talking the phrase “Who am I still waiting for” whilst looking at those talking often works wonders.

Tell the children that the headteacher has asked you to report back after every session on the behaviour of the class. Explain that you do not want to report anything negative and you instead want to report good behaviour. Reinforce this throughout the session, reminding them if any child starts to misbehave.

Try to remember the names of children that require reminders of expectations or often work well. You can ask the children to wear name badges if it helps.

Encourage children to help each other, especially children who have finished the work before others.

Congratulate and make examples of children that work well, behave well, listen or help others. You can stop the class to show examples, report to the school or give stickers.

Accordion Content

Try to keep the children seated if possible, if a child has finished constructing the project before others ask them to decorate/personalise the product. Most classrooms have colouring/drawing equipment handy. If not please ask us to supply you with some colouring pens. Alternatively, you could give the child a job to do.

If the noise ever goes above an acceptable level, seat all the children and remind them of point number 1. Do not restart the session again until they have all calmed.

Split any groups of children that cause issues when sat together.

Report any serious incidences that concern you to school member of staff immediately, you can ask one of the children to fetch someone for you. Never leave the children unattended.

Always report any problems/incidences to the Tech Club office after the session, we will contact the school or parent on your behalf. Schools are usually very supportive and are already well aware of any children with behavioural issues.