Digi Designers - Coding

Getting Started

Tinkercad can be used on a laptop or iPad. There is also an iPad Tinkercad app that can be download via the app store. We recommend signing up via a laptop or iPad – not the app. Once signed up you can then download and use the app if preferred. Use the steps below to sign up and complete your basic skills tutorials. Follow the steps below, but if you ever get lost all the Tinkercad tutorials can be found here: Tinkercad Tutorials

Go to www.tinkercad.com

Click on sign up.


Select Students, Join a class


Enter the 9 digit class code

Click Go to my class and Join with Nickname


Enter the nickname given to you by your teacher and click Thats me! You need to enter the nickname exactly how it was given to you.


Go to Tinker – Codeblocks

This is the page you should be looking at, read through the information:

Scroll down to find the tutorials:

Here are the direct links to the tutorials:

  1. Intro to codeblocks shapes
  2. Moving shapes
  3. Rotating shapes

Complete all 3 tutorials.

If you finish before the end of the session you can play around with the software.

Tinker with these Codeblocks designs to create your own models:

1. Table

Start by pressing play:

Edit the variables to change the design:

2. Brick

3. Picture Frame

4. Set Colour

5. Rocket to Mars

6. Fidget Spinner

7. Pizza

Get to know the basics

Welcome to the world of design!
Design is the art of discovering all the things that haven’t been made yet. It is equal parts learning and teaching, breaking and making, seeing and showing.
Design is sharing!
Tinkercad is an amazingly powerful easy-to-use tool for creating digital designs that are ready to be 3D printed into super-cool physical objects. You will be guided through the 3D design process via easy hands-on “Lessons”, that teach you the basics of Tinkercad before moving on to more complex modeling techniques.
Let’s get started!

Tutorial Link: Let’s Learn

Design 1 - Create a Skull Button

In this lesson you will put your skills to work making a skull button. Let’s get started!

Tutorial Link: Skull Button | Tinkercad

Design 2 - Name Keychain

In this project you will learn how to make a keychain by connecting letters together so they can be 3D printed.
Let’s get started!

Tutorial Link: Create your own

Design 3 - How to Create a Ringed Planet

Join us in creating a ringed planet! This project is perfect for beginners to gain some knowledge and understanding of the basic tools used in Tinkercad.

Tutorial Link: Ringed Planet

Design 4 - Create you own Avatar

In this tutorial you will create their own avatar, starting by sketching in 2D on graph paper and then designing in 3D using Tinkercad. You’ll complete an inventory to help you consider physical traits you can choose to include as you design your avatar. Your avatar should visually represent your identity or the fictional character’s identity. You will then use math skills to compute the area and volume of the 3D character you designed.

Tutorial Link: Build your own Avatar

Design 5 - Minecraft Bobblehead

Design and create your favorite Minecraft 3D bobble head.

Tutorial Link: Bobblehead

Design 6 - Create Your Superhero Suit

If you were a superhero, what would your super suit look like?
What could your super suit do for you?
How will it enhance your super powers?
Let’s find out!

Tutorial Link: Superhero Suit

Design 7 - How to Create an Alien

In this project we will be 3D modeling an alien that is out of this world!

Tutorial Link: Create an Alien