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Welcome to BrickBots, where imagination meets engineering! Our Engineering kits are designed for young inventors and curious minds who are eager to explore the world of engineering through the beloved medium of LEGO bricks.


Why Choose BrickBots?

  • Educational and Fun: Our kits are not only entertaining but also highly educational, making learning complex concepts enjoyable.
  • Develop Future Skills: Equip your child with the skills of tomorrow, including engineering design, and technological fluency.
  • Quality Time: Perfect for family bonding or independent learning, our kits offer hours of engaging, hands-on activities.

Perfect For:

  • Ages 5 and Up: Whether a beginner or an advanced builder, BrickBots Lego Engineers is tailored to challenge and inspire kids aged 5 and up.
  • Gift Givers: Looking for a unique and meaningful gift? BrickBots Lego Engineers make an ideal present for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

Set 1 – 1. Windmill: use gear transmission to achieve work. Thanks to the zipper gear acceleration device, the blades rotate faster and the airflow accelerates, converting kinetic energy and wind energy. 2: Projectile: Use the principle of leverage to achieve work. Fix the projectile with a pointing point, throw the object into the pan, press the other end quickly, and the object will fly out along the parabola. 3: Small windmill: The construction of the small windmill makes the blade turn faster by using the principle of large gears to accelerate the pinion. There is an idler between the big gear and the pinion, and the idler changes direction and does not function as a transmission.

Set 2 – 1. Carousel: Know the gear through the toy, understand the principle and function of the gear as the transmission, and use the gear to achieve acceleration and deceleration. 2: Seesaw: Using the principle of leverage, the central point is fixed with the central axis, so that the villain at both ends can swing up and down under the action of gravity acceleration. 3: Vehicle gate: The pinion drives the deceleration principle of the large gear to realize the phenomenon that the lane is slowly moving up and down.

Set 3 -1. Lift: Through the pinion with large gear reduction principle and the application of the fixed pulley, the lifting box can be lifted up and down, and then the lifting height can be arbitrarily controlled by the ratchet pawl. 2. Crane: Through the use of fixed pulley and ratchet pawl, the crane can control the height of the object at will, and realize the lifting and lowering of the object. 3. Rotating chair: The rotating chair uses the number of teeth, the same number of gears when the gears mesh with the same speed, the large gear drives the pinion to accelerate, resulting in two-speed rotation and acceleration.

Set 4 -1. Imprinting machine: using the principle of lever and the principle of connecting rod drive to achieve the imprinting work. 2. Targeting machine: Using the different gear sizes of the meshing gears, the speed of the target can be changed quickly and slowly. 3. The eyes of the clown: The two gears are rotated in opposite directions, and the gear sets of one idler are separated by the same direction of rotation of the gears at both ends to achieve the “cross-eyed eye”.

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