Maker Space – STEAM Consumables Pack


STEAM Consumables Maker Space for your STEMgineers:

12 x Glue sticks

5 x low melt hot glue guns

50 x glue gun glue sticks

110 x cardboard craft rolls

50 x unwaxed paper plates

300 x assorted colour paper circles

2000 x sheets of assorted colour paper

900g of assorted colour dough

6 x 500g blocks of coloured modelling clay

12 x dough and clay modelling tools

1000 double sided sticky tabs

100 x 2.5cm polystyrene balls

1000 x construction fasteners

250 x construction straws

1000 x natural wooden Popsicle sticks

1000 x assorted colour pipe cleaners

100 x assorted colour balloons