Young Architects - Coding

Getting Started

Tinkercad can be used on a laptop or iPad. There is also an iPad Tinkercad app that can be download via the app store. We recommend signing up via a laptop or iPad – not the app. Once signed up you can then download and use the app if preferred. Use the steps below to sign up and complete your basic skills tutorials. Follow the steps below, but if you ever get lost all the Tinkercad tutorials can be found here: Tinkercad Tutorials

Go to

Click on sign up.


Select Students, Join a class


Enter the 9 digit class code

Click Go to my class and Join with Nickname


Enter the nickname given to you by your teacher and click Thats me! You need to enter the nickname exactly how it was given to you.


Go to Tinker – Codeblocks

This is the page you should be looking at, read through the information:

Scroll down to find the tutorials:

Here are the direct links to the tutorials:

  1. Intro to codeblocks shapes
  2. Moving shapes
  3. Rotating shapes

Complete all 3 tutorials.

If you finish before the end of the session you can play around with the software.

Tinker with these Codeblocks designs to create your own models:

1. Table

Start by pressing play:

Edit the variables to change the design:

2. Brick

3. Picture Frame

4. Set Colour

5. Rocket to Mars

6. Fidget Spinner

7. Pizza

Get to know the basics

Design 1: House

Design is a process of making creative decisions to create something and then refining those decisions until you, as the creator, determines the project is complete.

The same thing is true for coding, it is a process where you make decisions, using commands, until you have achieved the outcome that you are looking for.

In Codeblocks, there is a repeating rhythm to this process. Let’s take a look at the steps:

  1. Select – You start by Selecting a Codeblock, preferably a Shape Block, like the Box from the Block Panel on the far left side.
  2. Stack – Click and drag it from the Block Panel into the middle of the Block Workspace, as shown above. This is where you Stack the blocks to create a script.
  3. Run – Once you have placed the Shape, you look to the upper right hand corner for the Run Button and click it.
  4. Review – Below the Run button is the 3D Viewer where you view your work or Review any changes you have made to your design. In the 3D viewer, you should see a 3D version of the Shape that you selected in Step
  5. Adjust – From here, you would go back to the Block workspace and Adjust your Design by dragging in another block or making changes to the Shape that you have already selected.

As mentioned, you will continue this process – Select, Stack, Run, Review, Adjust – until your design is finished.

Design 2: Lighthouse​

Design 3: Adjustable Buildings

Design 4: Wall (you need this for the next design)

Design 5: Brick House (you need to complete design 4 for this design)