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About us

At Stem Tech Club, we’re dedicated to delivering captivating and interactive technology experiences that ignite students’ curiosity and passion for learning. Our commitment lies in crafting educational programs that not only engage students but also empower them with practical skills and knowledge in coding, robotics, digital design, and beyond. Through hands-on projects, expert guidance, and personalized learning pathways, we strive to make technology accessible and exciting for every student. Whether it’s our dynamic after-school clubs or innovative home learning projects, we prioritize creating an environment where students can explore, create, and achieve their full potential in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

What Our Customers Say

"Stem Tech Club is super fun! I get to build robots and make games with my friends. I feel like a real engineer! Can't wait for the next class!"

Emily – Age 10
"My son's eyes light up every time he talks about the projects. He loves to demonstrate how they work."
Alan Ginsburg
"The projects have not only enhanced her technical skills but also fostered problem-solving abilities."
Bill Mingo
"I highly recommend Stem Tech Club to any parent looking to inspire their child's passion for learning and innovation."
Kate Bucher


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